Chapter Officers

Taylor Boudreaux


Hi, everyone! My name is Taylor Boudreaux, and I currently serve as President of the Gamma Pi chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma at Nicholls State University. I am a senior double majoring in Accounting and Finance. I was born and raised here in Thibodaux, LA! My journey in Tri Sigma began in the Fall of 2014 and has provided me with countless opportunities, memories, and friendships to last a lifetime. As President, I oversee the entire chapter. I ensure that everything is running smoothly and communicate with other sororities and organizations on campus. I also serve as a liaison between Gamma Pi and Nicholls, the community, and Nationals. I motivate and lead the chapter to reach its fullest potential! If you have any questions about my position, Tri Sigma, or sorority life in general, please feel free to contact me!

Sarah Miller


Hi! My name is Sarah Miller, and I am currently serving as Gamma Pi’s Vice President of Operations. I am a Junior from Houma, LA majoring in Accounting. As Vice President of Operations, I have the responsibility of overseeing and leading our chapter in its accreditation efforts. I also work with the other officers and chair positions to assist them with any help they may need. I am excited to educate the chapter on the significance and purpose of accreditation and share my love for Tri Sigma along the way.

Katie Benoit


Hey, Everyone! My name is Katie Benoit, and I am the Vice President of New Member Education for the Gamma Pi chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma. I am a junior majoring in elementary education, 1-5 from Chauvin, LA. As Vice President of New Member Education, my job is to guide the new members through every step of their education process until initiation. I am here to teach the new members everything they could possibly know about Tri Sigma. I am excited to share the love I have for Sigma Sigma Sigma with all of our new members!

Callie Authement


My name is Callie Authement and I'm Gamma Pi's current secretary. I was born and raised in Thibodaux, Louisiana. I'm a junior majoring in Human Resources. As secretary, I am responsible for taking attendance, tracking points, and updating our growing roster. I also make sure that each woman is reaching her full potential by fully participating in all that Tri Sigma has to offer.

Mary Ann Stein


Hello! My name is Mary Ann Stein and I am thankful to be Gamma Pi’s Treasurer for 2017. I am a senior double majoring in Accounting and Management from Destrehan, Louisiana. In the fall of 2016, I was initiated into Tri Sigma and shortly after was elected as chapter treasurer. As treasurer, my role is to maintain the chapter’s funds and budget. I do this by ensuring that my sisters are paying their dues on time and by making sure that funds are going where they need.  Treasurer is an important and helpful role to myself and to the women of Tri Sigma. It helps to develop us into responsible and mature ladies. I am blessed to be a woman of Sigma Sigma Sigma, and filled with gratitude at the opportunities that it has given me!

Lauren Constant


Hello, my name is Lauren Constant, and I am the Recruitment Director for Tri-Sigma Gamma Pi. I am a Birth to Five Early Interventionist Education Major from Thibodaux, and I am a Junior. Joining Tri-Sigma has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a child, I always knew I wanted to go Greek, but I never thought a sorority could impact my life this much. Through Sigma, I have found my best friends and a support system to fall back on. Tri-Sigma has helped me become the person I want to be. It has allowed me to help the community through countless service opportunities and break out of my shell. My college years would not be the same if it wasn't for Sigma. I am truly honored and humbled to be a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma. My job as recruitment director is to plan each day of recruitment for our chapter. With the aid of the amazing members of the Gamma Pi chapter, I will recruit new members to join Tri-Sigma.

Kati Gremillion


Hi! My name is Kati Gremillion and I am a Senior Marketing major from Thibodaux. As Gamma Pi’s Education Director, I work with the chapter to keep Tri Sigma’s GPA the highest on campus. My role is motivate, encourage, and provide structure to the academic excellence of the chapter.I participate in chapter events at every opportunity I can, and I also love attending sisterhood events and spending time with my sisters!

Molly Sampey

Honor Council Chair

Hi! My name is Molly Sampey, and I am currently serving as Gamma Pi's Honor Council chairwoman. I am a junior from Raceland, LA studying accounting. My role in the chapter is to lead my sisters to stay true to the vows we all made to our sorority. I help each member to uphold the values and standards of Sigma Sigma Sigma!

Brenin Roddy

Risk Manager

Hey y'all, my name is Brenin Roddy, and I'm a junior accounting and finance major from Houma, Louisiana. I currently serve as Gamma Pi's Risk Manager. As Risk Manager, I am responsible for ensuring that as a chapter, we adhere to all alcohol and hazing regulations set by our national headquarters.

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